A Detective Group that existed after the Time Skip, it was derived from the original Horsemen group from 1962. Composed of four major members known as The Horsemen, their supposed goal was to protect Spirits in the Physical World and to locate the missing Anderson Detective Head, Ryan Nillois.

Members Edit

  • Conquest:Leader of the Horsemen, he is known publicly as Conquest. As a myth, he is called Agent Omega. A mysterious masked figure whose mask could move at will, Conquest is basically an assassin that could read future moves given enough time and is known for strategizing.
  • Famine:Co-leader of the Horsemen, Famine is known for being capable of attacking from the shadows in terms of funds and economic resources. With her family background, she can corrupt several corporations with a click of her fingers (not literally).
  • War:The most easily flustered member of the Horsemen, War is a photographer who uses a specialized camera that contains many options to affect the physical world. The only Horseman member with an unnatural gadget, War is known to be the "glass cannon" of the group.
  • Death:Extremely agile and accurate, Death makes use of ordinary items and uses it for aggressive attacks. Death is known to be the most merciless member out of the Apocalyptic Horsemen and will stop at nothing to protect the Horsemen from danger.

Story Edit

The Apocalyptic Horsemen are featured in the secret Fourth Horsemen Arrival book and exist during the Time Skip. They are backed up by remnants of the mythical Omega Control agents from the 1960's and 2010's.

Trivia Edit

  • Based upon the Biblical Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
  • Each member has a mask with individual parts that could move around, meant to show the actual eyes of the Horseman.
  • Conquest has blue eyes both on the mask and his actual eyes.
  • Based from The Original Horsemen composed of Rian Omega, Boris Malco, Adette Regina, Hallie Clear...etc.
  • They are known for introducing themselves by using their given Horseman name. For example, in Death's introductory statement, she says, "By the Order of The Horsemen, let there be an alternative to Death."