Autumn Concordia is a former agent for the International Development Organization. She is the wife of Rian Nillois, mother of Vien Nillois and grandmother of Ryan Nillois, Reene Nillois and Cyan Cook.

The Horsemen:ß's Arrival Edit

One of the first agents of the newly established Omega Control branch, Autumn was a depressed teenager who had been disowned by her parents. Looking to the IDO and the IAS as a way to relieve her of the pain and the grief next to her brother, she met Agent Omega and grew to admire him. In 1962, Agent Omega was deeply disturbed by the reappearance of his old friends and was comforted by Autumn. Autumn and Agent Omega work officially as partners upon nearing the end of the story.

Autumnal Secrets Edit

Autumn Concordia worked as a secret agent part time with the Center of International Welfare. She kept away however from official discussions with the Supreme Council in order not to bring her husband in who wanted no part in the CIW. Nevertheless, the thrill of being out in the field brought her much excitement and so she stayed as an active member.

Personality Edit

As a grandmother, she is shown to be lively and simple. She shows empathy to children and tried to do so to her granddaughter Cyan to no avail.

As an agent, she shows excitement over the adrenaline the various missions give her. She is more than capable to handle operations.

As a person, she is kind and nice especially to strangers. She shows dislike on desperate people and arrogant people as well. She is incredibly smart considering she knows how to hack and could easily blend in with trends. She is shown to be clingy and possessive on certain matters.

Trivia Edit

  • She was born on August 14,1948.
  • Her favorite color is brown.
  • The iconic penguin hairpin she usually wears in all her promotional art was from a chapter in the original book where it was suggested in order to gain Agent Omega's attention when they had coffee.