Boni Faiz was a protagonist in The Geeks' Cliché Romantic Comedy. He later becomes an agent for The Andersons after his close friend, Ryan Nillois becomes its next detective head.


Boni's most significant feature his dark skin. He has black hair in which he keeps short. He has green eyes and a scar by his eyebrow. His eyes are squinty and sharp. He usually wears a black shirt and a silver necklace with a "69" design. He wears saggy blue jeans and black shoes.

In season 2, he now constantly wears a black and white striped shirt but still dons the necklace. He now always wears gloves and keeps knuckles in his pocket.


Boni is described by Ryan as a very intelligent and observant person, but his tardiness pulls down his grades. He is a very aggressive person. He swears occasionally, and is very offended when someone calls him "nigga." Orchid, a member of the HG Garden describes him to be suitable to be a detective head, if only he wasn't very arrogant.

Boni is a very supportive friend. He joins the Andersons after Ryan becomes its detective head and quickly rise above the ranks.

Boni often gets drunk in parties. He has very low alcohol tolerance. He seems to trust Ryan than the other members of the Hydra, as he usually asks him for love advice with Tordy Lyas




  • Boni's zodiac is Capricorn.
  • Boni is 13 years old.
  • There is an easter egg counterpart for Boni - Bonipubes. He even has his own book.
  • Boni's necklace has been censored in some comics.
    • Boni has been sent to detention multiple times because of his necklace, as stated by Sef Ra.
  • Boni hates being called black. His signature catchphrase is "I'm not your nigga."
  • BonixTordy is the fourth most popular ship in the series according to the last poll, behind RonxBless, ChrishanxNomi, and RyanxNichole.
  • Like Ryan and Nichole Toronto, Boni has an Anderson counterpart. His counterpart is Bonnie Anderson.