Charlie Foxtrot Emsedel was the son of Jeff Emsedel, and the older brother of Jonathan Emsedel. He was the main antagonist of the second arc of the Next Generation season, after Sean Cook. He was the detective head of the Silver Vixens.


Charlie's most prominent feature is his white/silver hair, which he keeps messy. He dons a tight, black shirt with a shoulder plate on one of his shoulders. He wears black pants and sometimes wears an oversized jacket on top of his shirt. He usually wears black shoes. Much like the cat forms of Ryan Nillois and Near Nillois, he has white fox ears and a bushy white fox tail, in addition to his were fox powers. He has two of the Red Eyes.


When he was little, Charlie was a happy go lucky child who always plays with his brother, Jonathan. One day while playing in the woods with his brother, he got lost and wandered around the forest at night, much to the fear of the young boy. He found a cabin deep within the woods, and knocked. The cabin was inhabited by Ira Dorex, who offered him to stay the night.

Unknown to the young child, Ira experimented on him while he was sleeping, and gave him a Werefox Disorder. However, Charlie's power was too great in comparison to Ira's so the retired Ikari let him go.

Because of the side effects of being born with the Red Eyes thanks to his father, Charlies soul corrupted and went into hiding, and slowly built one of the Detective Groups, and mastered his powers.

After 4 years, Charlie reunited with his brother during the attack if the reborn CQUAD headed by Sean Cook. He helped his brother defeat the enemies, but betrayed everyone as he revieled his true intentions.