Chrishan Parehoñez is a protagonist in The Geeks' Cliché Romantic Comedy. He is the close friend of Ryan Nillois and later joins The Andersons as an agent. He is the grandson of Chris and Jasmine Villa


Chrishan is a young boy with a tough build. He always wears his signature grey jacket that only reaches his hips. He wears a white shirt underneath and usually wears red shorts. He wears black tennis shoes. Chrishan has black hair in which he keeps spiky. He has purple eyes and pale skin.


Chrishan, much like his friend, Boni Faiz is aggressive and violent. He loves to spar with others. He is easily fascinated by mysteries. He is known to be perverted at times.

After acquiring his mental disorder, the pervert in him is revealed. Whenever a girl and a sharp object are nearby, he cuts off the female's clothes involuntaribly. He usually does this to his old friend, Nomi Soprano.




Chrishan is basically skilled at using almost anything as weapons. He even used a water bottle to ward off even Jacob Dorex for a small time.

In season 1, Chrishan mainly uses knives. Although he doesn't do this to inflict damage, he uses it to 'disable' the movement of his opponents by cutting off their clothes.

Like in season 1, Chrishan still uses knives in season 2 but only for throwing. His main weapon is now a sword. He still has his mental disorder and victimizes females, but he wont hesitate to kill male enemies.

In Mystery City B, Chrishan acquires Ghost Magic, which is used to create illusions and such. Chrishan's tutor is Sylphon.


  • Chrishan is a Virgo.
  • Chrishan is 13 years old.
  • ChrishanxNomi ranked 3rd in the latest ship poll.
  • Chrishan's trademark is cutting of people's clothes like a boss.
  • Chrishan is usually teased by the other Hydra members as his jacket looks much like a croptop.
  • There is an easter egg in one of Chrishan's promotional arts. In his gender information, he is not classified as male but rather ???.