Cyan Cook, or Acedia Bubblaqua, was the main protagonist for The Norm's Cliché Romantic Comedy. In The Geeks' Cliché Romantic Comedy, she takes the position as a CQUAD agent, and is one of the antagonists in the series.


Cyan's most notable part of her looks are her long, cyan hair. Her bangs cover her right eye. On her hair, she wears a bubble themed hair pin given to her by Nick Ontario. She is relatively shorter than people her age. She has pale skin, and cyan eyes. When she doesnt get enough sleep, she grows eyebags, but then they disappear after she sleeps again.

In her casual clothes, Cyan's wardrobe almost varies, but she usually wears her favorite bubble-themed white and blue jacket. She usually pairs this with shorts and a tee, and sneakers.

As CQUAD Agent Acedia Bubblaqua, the only things that changes in her appearance are her clothes. She wears a CQUAD uniform that looks a bit oversized with cyan sleeves, a cyan shirt underneath, black shorts, and black boots.


Cyan is a really arrogant person. She fires back any insult or compliment that is thrown at her, usually with profanity, and doesn't seem to care much about others. Sometimes, however, she becomes a really understanding person, especially with Nick Ontario.

She is a deep sleeper, and gets extremely irritated when someone disrupts her sleep. She doesnt care about her academics, nor about her social life. She is really judgemental and is usually a loner.

She loves anime and everything related to Japan. But she is addicted to bubbles. Her entire bedroom is bubble-designed, and she confirmed to have at least 2 liters of bubble mixture.




  • Cyan is the total opposite of Ryan Nillois.
    • She is a female, whereas Ryan is a dude.
    • She loves anime, whereas Ryan hates them.
    • She is a pro curser, whereas Ryan usually censors his words.
  • In one of the chapters, Cyan confirmed that her favorite anime is Tokyo Ghoul.
  • Cyan's favorite color is cyan.
  • Her codename, Acedia Bubblaqua, is derived from Sloth (Acedia), one of the seven deadly sins. "Bubblaqua" is taken from the nickname she got in school.

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