Detective Groups are organizations that are headed by super-intelligent detective heads. Most of the heads are criminals and use their intelligence for their own selfish purposes. Rivalry is tense between the groups and wars are often declared between them.

Detective GroupsEdit

The AndersonsEdit

The Andersons are leaded by Blainely Anderson who uses an alias of ß. They dedicate themselves to being vigilantes and solve crimes behind the shadows for the government. However, their good impression is lost when ß hunts down Rian Nillois and forces him to succeed her. She does this as well later to Rian's grandson, Ryan Nillois. Ryan succeeds her but later on disbands the organization.

Star SystemEdit

Star Luster, the Star System's detective head is the number one hacker in the world. Her organization mainly focuses on the web, and not physically. The Detective Group was composed of excellent hackers across the world.

The ConnectionEdit

The Connection's main purpose is to monitor the relationships between countries and stop them from conflict with each other. It's detective head, Nexus Andrew Sargoni broke that purpose and used the organization itself to cause conflict between the detective heads.


The CQUAD, despite its name is not really a quad. Their detective head is called "Ikari", meaning 'wrath' in Japanese. Their purpose is the same as that of The Andersons', only that the CQUAD is lesser in number and more on extraordinary power. All their members are named after the seven sins. There are two Ikaris, Ira Dorex and Ian Karisson. Ira breaks the peace pact between the detective heads and tasks his successor, Ian Karisson to retrieve all the experimental magic eyes from the other heads.

HG GardenEdit

The HG Garden's existance was unknown until their appearance after the Bombing of Air Force Five. It's head, Himawari Genten is a master swordsman. He claims that the HG Garden's goal is to rid of all the other detective heads as they no longer serve its purpose and has turned to evil.

Omega Control Edit

Omega Control was created originally to eliminate all Detective Groups, believing most of them to be carrying criminal motives. After the crash of AirForce Two, the group has faced serious changes under the leadership of its long lost founder Agent Omega. It's purpose was now to minimize the damage done between the Detective Groups.

Apocalyptic Horsemen Edit

A Detective Group that existed after the Time Skip, they are led by Conquest, a masked Detective Head who is determined to locate Ryan, the missing Anderson detective head. Unlike their allies from Omega Control, they are more like vigilantes from the shadows, not taking part of the law.


  • The CQUAD isn't really a quad. There are seven members, not four.
  • According to the author, Blainely is the weakest detective head.
  • Ira is the creator of the red and grey eyes, which all detective heads (except Rian) owns.
  • (a picture of most of the Detective heads before their abnormal eyes)