New Omega is a mysterious being from the "Astral Plane". His kind are known by many names but the most accepted and used term being Spirit. He is the alter ego of Rian Nillois and is his other side in many ways. He is one of the strongest spirits in existence and is the first to alter human history with the destruction of Faridea...but he's not the only one.

Personality Edit

He is known in the mortal realm as a cold-hearted being who is easily excited by pain and suffering. On a positive note, he only harms people out of justice and in an effort to keep the Mortal Realm in balance. He is extremely cunning and knowledgeable and skilled in hand to hand combat. He is an energetic being and is able to manifest into a human-like form albeit with a mask covering his face.

Appearance Edit

(To be shown in a future date...)

Story Edit

Having curiosity of the other world he was forbidden to enter, he takes measures to find a way inside. His only method came to be with Rian Nillois with whom he made a deal with. Then on, they became linked allowing Omega to enter the mortal realm with Rian's figure under his permission although Rian was not yet ready to enter The Astral Plane.

Being one of the few spirits to peacefully enter The Mortal Realm, he quickly gains favor from other spirits and competition. He meets a much weaker female spirit but takes no special notice of her after quickly defeating her in a match.

When Rian Nillois decided to let him go and break the deal, Omega reluctantly accepts. He believes that further contact with the human world could only destroy it and break the balance and link between both worlds. Omega believed that there was still yet another way to enter after Rian's death as he cannot enter any other way since he is already linked.

In 2015, he is called back to help protect The Horsemen in a critical hour with a new enemy. (No further details in order to avoid spoilers.)