Nichole Toronto was a protagonist in The Geeks' Cliché Romantic Comedy. She is the daughter of Glacyl Toronto and Mikael Toronto, and the granddaughter of Boris Malco and Adette Regina. She is the mother of Near Nillois. She later on joins the Star System in order to take care of her grandmother's creation, Star Luster.


Nichole is a short girl with a bigger than average bust. She has blue eyes and fair skin. Nichole has brown hair in which she keeps in a messy ponytail. She always wears her signature flower hairpin given to her by her grandmother. Nichole constantly switches clothes but she always wears a miniskirt. She wears kneesocks and inconstant shoes.


Nichole is a sweet, caring student in Lazal University. She is an otaku and is a cat lover, a trait which she shares with her best friend, Bless Monteblur. She was even revealed to take care of the stray cats around her subdivision. Because of these positive traits, she has been idoled by multiple classmates such as Chrishan Parehoñez, Boni Faiz, Kale Housenine, and Sef Ra.

After acquiring her disorder after being collapsed by the ceiling, Nichole is now more easily sexually aroused. Although multiple classmates are interested in her, she eyes Ryan Nillois as her loved one and in the proccess, was impregnated and her reputation was ruined, although it slowly built itself back together. She shares this disorder with Bless Monteblur.




Nichole's signature weapon is her cutter. She uses this for threatening and for combat, although she has trouble hurting others because of her conscience.

When paired up with Bless, she and Nichole point their weapons outward and spin rapidly creating a twister-like force, cutting everything that comes near.

In Mystery City B, she receives the Water Magic and she is tutored by Jane Vallery.


  • Nichole is Pisces.
  • Nichole is 13 years old.
  • Oddly, even though she was impregnated, she was not expelled together with Ryan. This is most likely due because her parents are teachers.
  • Nichole, like Boni and Ryan, has an Anderson counterpart. Nichole's is Coline Anderson
    • Coline is an anagram of Nicole.
  • Nichole has a counterpart named Nick in The Norm's Cliché Romantic Comedy.
  • RyanxNichole ranked 1st in the latest ship poll.
  • Her suicidal tendency is 16.2%, stated by an HG Garden member Bellflower.
  • Regina and Toronto, Adette's and Nichole's surnames are all places in Canada.