Omega Control is a top secret organization that became a Detective Group in 1962 which was created originally to combat The Andersons. It was founded by Agent Omega and leads the group until its reassignment in 2016 after the Detective Group war officially ended.

Purpose Edit

Originally made to stop The Andersons in Faridea, it turned into a secret special forces group upon the creation of the Center of International Welfare until 2015 when Director Zero disappeared and formerly out of commission Agent Omega returned to his post. It's objective was then changed to keep peace with the Detective Groups and deal with them as necessary and as required. The objective largely remains the same by 2027.

Structure Edit

Omega Control's ranking is simple. There are only two main ranks an Omega agent can get which is basic Omega Agent and Senior Omega Agent. Senior Omega Agents and Omega Agents both have similar setup, however Senior Omega Agents handle the individual groups. Then it rises to Head Omega Agent who is the chief of staff for all Omega agents then it falls under the Omega Director, who controls everything in the organization.

The ties worn by all Omega agents are light blue, however the Omega Director's tie may be a different shade.

Leaders Edit

Agent Omega is the founder of Omega Control and is said to be one of the most influential Detective Heads in history, being able to almost take down The Andersons in 1963 and managing to deal blows against the CQUAD and the HG Garden at a critical hour.

Director Zero Omega is the second leader of Omega Control with the position given to him by the Supreme Council of the Fish Network. He is credited with giving the structure of Omega Control as it is and the overall finances it has.

Director "Omega" is the third leader of Omega Control whose ideals mirror quite similarly to Agent Omega's. He is more aggressive than his predecessors and is said to be able to accurately predict futures, which is the reason of his constant edge over his adversaries. He is the Omega Director since 2016, taking over the organization after Agent Omega's death.