Paul Ontario, codename "Polaris", is the older brother of Nick Ontario and a member of the Star System.

After the timeskip, he succeeds Star Luster as the detective head.


Before the timeskip, Paul had shaggy black hair with a few strands dyed yellow. He always wears his signature black and yellow fur coat on his shoulders like a cape, and wears a black sleeveless shirt below. He has a piercing on his lower lip and a few more on his left ear. He wears black pants and has multiple tattoos on his right arm, and a Star tattoo on his left neck and wears black boots. He has yellow eyes that seem to bear no emotion.

After the timeskip, his black hair is now bald-like short with a single bang-like clump of strands dyed yellow. He has a white ponytail and a yellow strand loose on his right side of the head. He now has sclera eyes (sclera is the term used for inking the eyes into different colors, in Paul's case, black) He wears a red contact lense on his right eye to "trick the Network that he's a Red-Eye". He now has net-like designs on his sleeveless shirt, but other than that, his clothing hasnt changed that much.


Paul, despite being a druglord, is an emotionless person who has a unique way of speaking. He can insult you in his own way (a more relaxed and nonchalant manner), and is pretty mischeavous.

Despite these childlike traits, Paul is still a merciless druglord and a sadistic, vicious member of the Star System.


  • Polaris is the name of the star who never moves.