Rae Parehoñez is a 13 year old girl and is the twin sister of Chrishan Parehoñez.


Just like her twin brother, Rae has long, black hair that is either kept untied or in a ponytail. She also dons her brother's purple eyes and pale skin. Usually, she changes her clothing on a daily basis, but her most commonly used clothing is her dark jacket, which she usually wears over her clothes. She is usually seen with white earphones dangling on her shoulders if she's not using them. She also has red headphones as an alternative. 


Rae is noticeably a very aggressive person. She usually uses sass when she talks, and absolutely hates being disrespected. If she finds someone she dislikes, she is very open about it. She is known to use profanity in her way of speaking. Her aggressiveness does not cap with her talking, however. She can be very violent physically. Not counting the pens that she throws when she's mad, she's so very physically strong that she easily dominates her twin brother in combat. 


  • She is older than Chrishan by 57 seconds.
  • She is a skilled drummer, as seen in The Band.
  • Chrishan didn't tell any of his friends at school about her existence because of how violent she is, except for Josh.