Sister of Ryan Nillois, daughter of Vien and Rezane Nillois, grandaughter of Autumn Concordia and Rian Nillois and step-sister of Cyan Cook, Reene Nillois is one of the protagonists in The Geeks Cliche Romantic Comedy and The Horsemen:Ikari's Arrival. She is one of the members of The HG Garden and is the leading Commander of the East Asian Division of The Fish Network.


Childish and loyal, Reene is a curious girl who had shown interest in her grandfather's history. Altough not very intelligent and powerful in terms of strength, she can be cunning and quick-thinking. She is a pacifist, but she is not hesitant in doing what must be done to secure her needs and requirements. She shows disgust in other relationships, as shown in her dissaproval with Nichole Toronto's pursuit of her brother, Ryan Nillois.


Reene usually wears a white shirt with some red patches. Along with this, she tends to wear a cat headband along with headphones. She usually wears a skirt. As the Fish Network Commander, this is accompanied by a Red Cape, red and black boots that reach up to her knees and she wears red pants instead of a skirt.


A mysterious request from her grandfather led her to Tokyo, Japan in search of a mysterious care-taker. She is found by a blue-haired girl named Masha who claims to be part of a secret organization known as The Fish Network and is the person her grandfather referred to. Unfortunately, before Masha was able to get her to safety, Himawari gets to her first, unaware that The Fish Network already got to her.

Reene is instructed to work with Himawari but to be wary of his movements. Himawari's claims of being the person her grandfather talked about gathered questions from the Fish Network especially Peter Edward who used this as basis that Reene's grandfather might have had a bigger tie to The Fish Network than previously thought.

She was put in charge of The Eastern Division. Desperation from The Network led them to push Reene into joining the HG Garden simply to gather more information about a threat related to the Andersons. 

News of a group known as The Horsemen reporting to Tokyo to solve a threat along with a Photography Club garnered Reene's attention while she was working as commander when Himawari was not looking. She decided to think of an opportune time to defect from The HG Garden to accompany her grandfather who promised to retrieve Ryan as soon as possible after Ikari Alpha was dealt with.