Ron Violas was an anti-villain in The Geeks' Cliché Romantic Comedy. He was the host of Envidia Verde in season 2, and was the father of Ben Violas.


Ron is a young boy with an average build and tan skin. His most striking feature is his green hair and orange eyes. He constantly switches clothes but he either uses a red and blue hoodie or a blue and grey jacket and dons blue jeans and blue shoes. He sometimes wears a grey hat.

As Envidia's host, Ron still dons the clothes that he was wearing at that time, but the only differences are that his eyes turn green and a big scar that resembles an "E" appears on his face.


Happy-go-lucky and childish, Ron is one of the youngest members of the Hydra. He has a crush on Bless Monteblur and always goes with her and Bless' best friend, Nichole Toronto whenever he has time. Ron easily grows jealous when someone and Bless does something "fishy". This was shown when Bless and Ryan Nillois 'accidentally' landed on eachother. Because of this trait, he was an easy target for Envidia Verde, the sin of envy.

As envy, he is a ruthless barbarian who doesnt care about other's wellbeing. He only cares about getting power and to get Bless for himself. Although he was convinced by Ryan and his touching pep talk.

But when he isnt jealous, he was a fun sport to be with and always protects his friends, especially Bless. He was amazingly skilled at drums and was even a member of the big-time school band A7 along with Kale Housenine. Although he isnt very social and his words may hurt other people's feelings, he was always one of Ryan's best friends.


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Ron's main weapons are magic RPG cards. He was given these cards by Envidia and he uses them for combat. Magic creatures are summoned from the cards, and he easily becomes one of the strongest characters in the series. Ron as Envidia has no problem with killing and he even caused The Lazal Massacre together with Avaricia McGold.

In Mystery City B, he acquired the Dragon Magic and his tutor was Dre Hunter.


  • Ron's birthday is on November 1.
  • He is 13 years old.
  • Ron's hair is the same color of the sin of envy, green.
  • Ben is a combination of Ron's and Bless' names.
  • Ron has the same traits as Bless' grandfather, Sal Ranlue.
  • His favorite game is Undertale.
  • Ron is skilled at drawing but he was topped by Tordy Lyas.
  • RonxBless ranked 2nd in the latest ship poll.
  • He was described by Ryan to be an amazing singer.
  • Although his surname is Violas, he has never actually played a viola before.
  • Ron's catchphrase is "Oopsie."